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Find Free Cell Phones and AT&T Penny Smartphones Online Now

att cell phone upgrade

 Last Updated On : 04/15/2014

ATT Cell Phone Updates: Please read on to find out How to Shop for Free AT&T Cell Phones and ATT Cell Phone Upgrade offers on this website. Important Update! There have been changes to our cell phone comparison Widget. For an Important Note about AT&T Wireless cell phones, please click here: AT&T Updates

AT&T Windows Phone Sale: The AT&T Wireless Lumia 920 4G Windows phone manufactured by Nokia is all over the commercials and has become a big seller. This Top AT&T cell phone can be purchased online through an AT&T Wireless vendor like AmazonWireless at significant savings. For example, the Lumia 900 starts at just $0.01 per phone for new AT&T wireless service and just $0.01 for an AT&T cell phone upgrade when an existing ATT customer signs up for a 2 year contract extension. See more details below:

NEW! UltraCellSaver Cell Phone and Wireless Plan Comparison Shopping

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AT&T Cell Phones Comparison Update

Note: AT&T is no longer included in the cell phone comparison tool. The cell phone vendor that provides our results no longer has access to AT&T Wireless plans, cell phones, and other wireless devices in their catalog. At, we know that many of our visitors are existing AT&T customers looking for free AT&T upgrade cell phones or other ATT cell phone upgrade deals, along with many other visitors looking for a new cell phone from AT&T or looking to switch from another provider like Verizon and T-Mobile, and they want to find the best online deals for AT&T smartphones. AT&T is a major carrier, and we would hate to push our visitors toward another wireless provider just because AT&T no longer shows up in our main cell phone search results. We are happy to direct you to another web page where you can see online sales on AT&T wireless cell phones. To see available AT&T phones, we recommend browsing Amazon Wireless AT&T cell phone offers by clicking on the AT&T logo for AT&T Wireless Phones:

at&t cell phones

Compare Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Nextel, and T-Mobile Cell Phones and Plans

Our Cell Phone Comparison shopping software allows you to compare cell phones and wireless plans from major providers including Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. You can shop by cell phone provider, cell phone manufacturer, or wireless plan type and prices. In addition to the mentioned wireless carriers, cell phone manufacturers include Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and more. Many of the latest Android and Blackberry smartphones and other top cell phones are included in our results. You may also shop for an individual or family wireless plan. Unless you are looking for an att cell phone upgrade or att cell phone family plan, you can also find cell phone upgrade deals and cell phone family plan offers in our search engine. If you are looking to upgrade your cell phone and stay with your current provider or switch cell phone providers and keep the same cell phone number, all these options are available.

Cellular Phone and Wireless Plan Comparison Shopping

Compare Cell Phones

Select Manufacturer, Provider, Plans
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Wireless Phone Plan Availibility

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Find the cell phone you need with our cellular phone plan comparison engine. At Ultra Cell Saver we hope to help you find exactly what you need when it comes to wireless phones and calling plans that meet the voice minutes and data requirements of you and your family, while also staying within your budget.

Cellular Search Engine: Cell Phone Comparison- search by carrier, equipment, cellular plan

Free AT&T Cell Phones

While we specialize in free AT&T cell phones, Ultra Cell Saver shows free cell phone deals for many brands and major carriers, including ATT Wireless, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint Wireless. Every carrier has a wide selection of premium wirless handsets as well as free phones. Prices are subject to change, but we strive to offer the best current internet price for many popular cell phone models. At any given time you may find cell phones like the Motorola Razr Droid in many colors and models, Black Berry, Walkman, Palm, Android, Nokia Lumia 900 and other Smartphones available for free or close to free with a new agreement. While most free cell phone offers no longer require rebates, sometimes rebates and other terms are required. Free after rebate cell phones may be included. For full details, we recommended using our cell phone comparison tool. Our phone offers are not limited to new individual customers. We also offer very competitive prices for existing customer cell phone upgrades and wireless family plans. The Free AT&T cell phone offers are available from the cell phone vendor recommended in our AT&T wireless update message above. We also have informational pages on this site explaining how to upgrade an AT&T cell phone and how to order AT&T wireless family plan cell phones. Since AT&T is no longer coded into our cell phone comparison software, you will not see results for AT&T free phones. However, you can select and compare cell phones by price. For example you can compare free cell phones from all major providers like Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Or you can set the cell phone search to show you all free cell phones from one carrier. The following results show some of the free verizon cell phones. You can click to see all verizon cell phones or all verizon phones that are free. As you can, see there are 3 pages of Verizon free cell phone results. You can also set the search to show free Sprint Wireless phones or free T-Mobile Cell phones. AT&T phone offers are shown on our AT&T wireless information page and our buy att cell phones links. See top free Verizon Wireless cell phone deals below:

Free Verizon Wireless Cell Phones check availability
Phone types:
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Manufacturer: BlackBerry

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List Price: $0.0000
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Manufacturer: BlackBerry

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List Price: $0.0000
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Price After Rebate:  Free
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AT&T Wireless Phones

AT&T ( formerly Cingular Wireless) has always been our most popular carrier. When our site started, the Motorola Razr V3 was a hot new cell phone and very popular. We specialized in free Cingular razr cell phone deals and other motorola cell phones. ATT Wireless continues to offer a wide selection of new cell phone models, including newer phones by Motorola. Additional manufacturers of ATT cell phones include LG, Samsung, and Nokia. We do our best to keep up with new and upcoming cell phones for AT&T, including the latest smartphones which are sometimes available as new free AT&T cell phones or free ATT cell phone upgrade phones. AT&T offers a variety of individual and wireless family plans to go with their new cell phones, as well as free upgrade cell phones for existing ATT customers. We recommend using our cell phone comparison search engine to browse and compare all available ATT cell phones, wireless plans, and features. You can use it to compare cell phones, see all available brands, phone types, prices, and compare cell phone plan features. Currently our most popular phones on AT&T Wireless are: Blackberry Torch 9800,Dell Streak Tablet Android Phone,Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone, LG Quantum Windows Phone,Pantech Breeze II,Samsung Eternity II Phone Blue,Samsung Focus Windows Phone,HTC Freestyle Phone ATT,HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone,Samsung Focus Windows Phone for AT&T.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 4G

Samsung Galaxy S III 4G Android

BlackBerry Curve 8310

lg shine

Our Most Popular Cell Phone!

Motorola Atrix 2 4G Android

Special Internet Price with ATT Plan!

blackberry curve 8310

Smart Phone with Many Features!

Wireless Family Plans

Sometimes you need more than one cell phone. You need a wireless calling plan that meets the needs of your whole family, and you don't want to blow your monthly family budget on cell phones. Whether you need to order one cell phone need a family cell phone plan that includes 5 phones, you have options. Perhaps you have teenagers that love to text or you need an emergency cell phone for kids. Many family wireless plans are fairly customizable to include the right amount of minutes, text messaging limits, and data plans for your family. It is easy to order 2 or more phones on one account with a family cell phone plan. Most of the carriers we represent offer online ordering of up to 5 phones on one cell phone Family Plan. These shared minute plans go by names such as AT&T Family Talk, Verizon Wireless Family Share cell phone plan, T-Mobile Family Time, and Alltel Family Choice. All your cell phone minutes and text and data usage can be on one bill for your convenience. It is even possible to purchase all your family cell phones with little or no money out of pocket, for free, close to free or pennies, when you select a qualified family wireless phone plan and agree to maintain your service for at least two years. When it's time to upgrade, your family share provider will offer you plenty of new phone options, including the latest smartphones.

Cell Phone Upgrade

Existing customers of many wireless providers may upgrade cell phones and cell phone plans online. In 2006 we were one of the first web sites to specialize in Cingular cell phone upgrades, before Cingular was rebranded as AT&T Wireless. During that era, not many smartphones existed. When Cingular changed to AT&T we helped many Cingular customers switch and upgrade to new ATT wireless devices. We have always tried to offer personal service through our Live Chat and customer service emails. Customers loved thin cell phones like the Motorola Razr in 2006 and 2007. Now our visitors are more likely to be well-informed and looking to compare smartphones and find the best cell phone deals, whether they want to upgrade or switch cell phone carriers. We still feature the free ATT cell phone upgrade offers. However, today Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T (formerly Cingular) Wireless all offer online cell phone upgrades. Existing major carrier cell phone customers may order a cell phone upgrade online with a two year contract extension. We now help visitors with Verizon Wireless cell phone upgrades, Sprint cell phone upgrades, and the occasional T-Mobile cell phone upgrade as well. Free upgrade cell phones for AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and other wireless providers may be available.

Verizon Wireless Phones

Verizon Wireless is the leading cell phone provider, with over a decade of providing wireless phone service. Verizon Wireless is also the cell phone service provider with the most coverage, which includes its 4G network- 4G LTE. We feature some of the best Verizon Wireless cell phones like the Verizon Wireless smartphones the Motorola Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx cell phone ( know for long battery life) & Verizon Motorola Q Smartphone. Compare these Verizon Wireless smartphones, as well as many other feature phones, top smartphones, mobile broadband cards, and other wireless devices offered by Verizon. In the past some of the top phones have included the Verizon LG Chocolate series . Find low internet only cell phone sale prices on the latest Verizon Phones. Top selling Verizon cell phones from the last 6 years include the Black Motorola Q, multiple LG Chocolate models, the LG enV and enV 2, and many more top cell phone models. Our vendors offer Verizon phone upgrades for existing customers on individual Americas Choice plans as well as the Verizon Wireless Family Share cell phone plans. Verizon prepaid cell phones and pay as you go wireless plans are available for those who prefer not to go through the credit approval process and long-term obligation required for free contract cell phones. Wireless plan selection and prices on popular cell phones are subject to change. So please use our cell phone comparison tool, which is always up to date and lets you compare smartphones and plans from Verizon Wireless and find the best cell phone deals for each cell phone carrier.

Samsung Nexus Galaxy 4G Android

BlackBerry Bold 9300


motorola droid razr maxx

Popular Verizon Smart Phones

blackberry storm for verizon

World's First Touchscreen Black Berry

LG enV3

New Update of the Very Popular DROID RAZR


Motorola Droid Razr Cell Phones

Free Motorola Razr cell phone deals made possible. Before this cell phone website existed, we blogged about Cingular Wireless phone deals. At the time the Motorola razr was the hottest cell phone on Cingular, which became AT&T. In addition to the Razr, Motorola continued to develop top cell phones for Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. At the time, it seemed like all the hot cell phones were distinctly Motorola creations. These Motorola cell phones were thin shiny and loaded with new features. When the AT&T iPhone was released, these feature cell phones took a back seat, but the developed of the iPhone was the catalyst for many more smartphones to hit the market, notablly those Android phones on the Android platform. While BlackBerry smartphones have decreased in popularity, Android smartphones have been competitive with the iPhone. There is a popular line of Motorola Android cell phones, which have been branded as the Motorola Droid. Recently Motorola has resurrected the Razr in Android form with the release of the Motorola Droid Razr on Verizon Wireless. In addition, Motorola has now releaded a new Droid Razr with a super long battery life- The Verizon Droid Razr Maxx. Motorola continues to be one of our featured cell phone manufacturers , offering a wide selection of wireless handsets, cell phones, and other wireless devices, in addition to the new Droid smartphones. Exact selection and current cell phone prices change all the time but our Free Motorola Razr cell phones have in the past included: ATT Razr V3 V3i V3xx, Black Blue Gray Pink and Red Razr models, The Motorola 9 and Q Global. We have offered a wide selection of free Motorola Cell Phones like the Motorola Razr V3xx and Motorola Q Smart Phones. We specialize in providing the best prices for new cell phones from all major carriers and manufacturers. Currently we offer savings on the Verizon Motorola Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx for Verizon.  Samsung, Nokia, LG, and BlackBerry are also very popular cell phone brands. Most of our Phone prices include Free Shipping.

More Cell Phone Information

The Best Cellular Phone Deals are no longer limited to New Customers. As a website specializing in phone upgrade deals for existing customers, we do cell phone upgrades. Existing AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers can get a  New Upgrade Cell Phone when Renewing their Wireless Service and agreeing to a 2 year cell phone Contract Extension! The Sprint Samsung Intercept Android is our most popular phone for Sprint. Sprint seems to be overlooked but they offer a nice selection of phones and calling plans in addition to unlimited data plans. If you want to update your cell phone, consider upgrading to a smartphone with your current carrier or switching carriers to find your best deal and save money on your cell phone plan.

Featured Carriers: Verizon Wireless  Sprint PCS  T-Mobile Phones  Nextel from Sprint   alltel Wireless  

Former Providers:    U.S. Cellular  Cingular Wireless amp'd mobile

Old Phones:  When this cell phone web site started, we attempted to hand create a new web page for every single hot new and upcoming cell phone on the market. We did our best to keep up with all the hot new cell phones, but it was time consuming and took time away from what we really want to do: help our customers. Now instead of making a new page for every cell phone, we direct our visitors to our cell phone search software, which is constantly updated. We have preserved our old cell phone pages and you will them in our cell phone archives.

We offer other cellphones in addition to the featured selections. Our cell phone vendors offer all the latest phones and the wireless phone plans to provide coverage you and your family needs. Whether you need to upgrade your Verizon Wireless phone to a handful of Droid Smartphones on a Verizon Wireless Family plan, or switch from AT&T to Verizon, or order your first cell phone online- Live chat operators are available to talk you through the process.

We offer over 180 cellular phones for all major wireless providers and cell phone plans with a wide selection of calling minutes, text messages, and data plans.

We represent cell phone service providers that offer wireless phone plans and cell phones throughout the United States. In the following areas we offer free cell phones from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and Sprint, along with cell phone upgrade offers and all best smartphone deals whether our customers need a family cell phone plan or an individual unlimited cell phone plan with unlimited texting and data plans: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia DC, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming, including free cell phones, wireless family plans, cell phone upgrades for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. If you need to upgrade a Verizon Wireless Family plan with 5 phones in Texas, for example, we can probably help you out with your specific wireless phone needs. More cell phone updates to come. * Not all services and providers available in all areas*

In addition, AT&T offers the "Att Upgrade Now" website for existing wireless customers looking to upgrade. Just go to and login to your cell phone account. They also provide a a hot phone deal at Right now they feature The Pantech Crossover (TM) as the AT&T Wireless hot phone offer, for example. If we can't help you, you may want to consult the OFFICIAL websites of the major cell phone carriers: ATT  Verizon  Sprint Wireless  T-Mobile  Alltel




Save Money on Cellular phone service with Representing all major cellphone carriers providing billed free contract cell phones and no contract prepaid wireless services as well as shared minute family cell phone plans and free cell phone upgrades for current customers. Since 2006 UltraCellSaver has been helping our visitors with all their wireless phone needs. Service is our speciality, and no need is too small. Our goal is to help you find exactly what you need without paying too much money. Before you hit the back button or leave our website, see if we can help you. Send us a short email or click on the Live Chat icon. If our Live Chat customer service is offline, you can use the offline form to submit a ticket and get a response through email. Use the Cell Phone Comparison engine to find the best online deals for all wireless carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint, cell phone brands like Motorola, Samsung, LG, Nokia, and BlackBerry, wireless calling plans, and cell phone types. Compare cell phone plans online to find the cheapest cell phone plan for yourself, your family or your business.

Ultra Cell Saver

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